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We’ve taken the artistic freedom and the neighborhood feel of Brooklyn and brought it to everyone’s favorite: the Mac n’ cheese.

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Brooklyn Mac, Get Some

About Us

Here at Brooklyn Mac, we are serious about our Mac'n Cheese. With everyone's favorite: a crispy topping and gooey cheesy inside our Mac'n Cheese takes grandma's recipe up a notch.

Locations and Delivery

Find us in Greenpoint, East Williamsburg and DUMBO. And if the weather has you locked in doors call us up...we'll deliver everyone's favorite comfort food right to your door.

CONTEST: Choose the ingredients for the DUMBO Mac!

We are looking for crafty and delicious flavor combinations to make our DUMBO mac. We want YOU to do it. Submit your tasty suggestions below. We’ll announce the winner via email and on our website.

Our Menu

Each of our signature dishes represents one of Brooklyn's unique neighborhoods. A trip to Coney Island is adapted into mac’n cheese with a combination of hot dog, sauerkraut, mustard and american cheese. We didn't stop there! Gluten –free, Vegetarian, or Vegan, Brooklyn Mac caters to all dietary needs and palates.

Order Online

We have a new simple and easy way for you to pickup your Mac or get it delivered from our East Williamsburg and Greenpoint locations. By clicking on the buttons […]

NEW: BK MAC is Wrapping and Unwrapping!

In honor of this warm spring and the upcoming summer, we’ve added a selection of wraps and salads to the menu. The exciting flavor combinations will keep your palate happy. […]

Recent Works

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East Williamsburg, (718) 963-3646 Greenpoint, (718) 706-9622 Dumbo, (718) 233-6778
Monday To Saturday 11AM To 8PM